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Q: Does KRUE Industrial have a catalog?

A: No.  KRUE Industrial does not want to pass the added expense of catalogs onto you.  Our clients have said that when they are looking for industrial parts, maintenance supplies or services, they find it a high-cost hassle to thumb through a massive catalog or spend hours online. KRUE Industrial eliminates time and money wasted with online and catalog shopping.  We understand that our clients know what they need, and have the knowledge and experience to rapidly deliver. We always provide our clients with information about new products, services and improvements that become available. With the growing variety of products and services we provide, and with ever-changing improvements and customization, a catalog would be obsolete almost immediately. If required, a manufacturer catalog will be provided at no cost – ever.  No bar codes, no vending machines, no meaningless part numbers, just performance in providing only what is necessary.

Q: How often does KRUE visit?

A: KRUE Industrial serves you as often as you desire. You, the client, dictate the schedule. We are more than just your industrial parts distributor, or typical route sales representative; we are your industrial concierge. KRUE Industrial believes in partnering with our clients to ensure we stay within budget and keep you supplied with what you need without overstocking. Let us show you how.


A: No.  We believe in partnering with every business we serve at the level they prefer, regardless of size or scope.  While a contract is not mandatory to receive the full benefit of our services, KRUE Industrial holds several contracts and partnering agreements with our clients who prefer a more formalized arrangement.  Municipalities and other government agencies can co-op many of these contracts.  Contact us to learn more.

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